Informational Workshops - Everyone is welcome to come learn about our Health Recovery Program used to restore your energy, self-confidence and...your best health. This free workshop addresses the basics of the program, offers food samples and a Body Composition Analysis.

Our Informational Workshops are given every Tuesday at 6:30pm. (except for holiday weeks)

Call/text/email to RSVP (719) 337-1671 or email us at or

Phase 3-4 Workshops - This workshop is free for Health4Life Clinic clients. You will review the lifestyle changes that have been created along with how to live comfortably at your goal weight. We identify specific behaviors, offer menu recognition and discussion with other clients that serve to support and validate your individual success.

Currently this workshop is given on the 4th Wednesday every month (except holiday weeks) The next Phase 3-4 Workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, November 28th at 6:30pm.

Call/text/email to RSVP (719) 337-1671 or email us at or

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